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2 Chronicles 16:9

2 Chronicles 16 9 july 2018

Do you ever stop to think what God sees as He looks down on our world…across our lands? On Wednesday, America celebrates the 4th of July…our Independence Day; yet, how must the heart of God break when He looks at this nation. A nation that has been considered one of the greatest and referred to often as a Christian nation…but every day we move further away from God. Could we even call our nation a Christian nation anymore? We’ve removed prayer from schools, the 10 commandments from our courtrooms. We don’t bat an eye at teenage pregnancy. We do nothing to stop abortion. Mass murders are becoming more and more heard on the news. Terrorist attacks. There is no value on human life. We’ve become a self-centered people who doesn’t care about others…turning a blind eye to the homeless, orphans, and hurting. We’re so concerned with not hurting another person’s feelings that we refuse to call sin by its name. We try to change the laws of God so that it suits sinners and so they can live just as they please, but even if we pass laws in our government…the laws of God still stand…and oh how his heart must break. The further we move away from God, the less we can expect to see God’s blessings poured out on our nation. America needs revival. America needs men and women whose hearts completely belong to God. Will you join me this week in praying for God to sweep a revival throughout this nation and our government…and let it begin in me….and in you.

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