Babbie Mason 1988 Carry On album cover

Original Release Date: October 25, 1988

Label: Word

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My first video upload to YouTube. Click here to listen to this song that reminds us that no matter what we’ve done or how many times we may have rejected Jesus before, He still wait with eyes that say “welcome,” with His arms open, ready to receive us. After all I’ve done, He still loves me….and after all you’ve done, He still loves you. Be sure to check out our Worship Music Playlist on You Tube also.

Jesus inviting

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Wellspring Christian Ministries

I hold a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Professional Counseling and have more than fifteen years experience in planning events, public speaking, and teaching conferences and trainings of both religious and secular arenas and have strong visionary leadership skills, creative skills, and professional skills.