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Leviticus 19:18

Levitcus 19 18

Who are the people that you call “neighbor”? The people that live next door, across the street, down the street, or within your housing development, apartment building or condo? What about the people at work or in your school? What about the people that live right inside of your home…your spouse, parents, brothers, sisters? Basically, anyone you come in contact with as you live your life is your neighbor and God expects us to all get along. In fact, He expects us to love others as much as we love ourselves. There is nothing right or okay about taking revenge and holding on to grudges. God wants us to forgive….just as He forgave us. Try to find at least five things that you can do for other people today that show you love them as much as you love yourself. Can you do one thing for each of the following people: someone in your home, someone on your street, someone at work, a friend, a total stranger or homeless person. As you do, say a prayer for each of these people.

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