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Country Music Artist Brad Paisley has a song entitled, I’m Gonna Miss Her. It’s sort of a funny song, but really it’s more sad. The lyrics are:

Well I love her
And I love to fish
I spend all day out on this lake
And hell is all I catch
Today she met me at the door
Said I would have to choose
If I hit that fishin’ hole today
She’d be packin’ all her things
And she’d be gone by noon
Well I’m gonna miss her
When I get home
But right now I’m on this lake shore
And I’m sittin’ in the sun
I’m sure it’ll hit me
When I walk through that door tonight
That I’m gonna miss her
Oh, lookie there, I’ve got a bite
Now there’s a chance that if I hurry
I could beg her to stay
But that water’s right
And the weather’s perfect
No tellin’ what I might catch today
So I’m gonna miss her
When I get home
But right now I’m on this lake shore
And I’m sittin’ in the sun
I’m sure it’ll hit me
When I walk through that door tonight
Yeah, I’m gonna miss her
Oh, lookie there, another bite
Yeah, I’m gonna miss her
Oh, lookie there, I’ve got a bite*
His treasure can be found out on the boat fishing…not with her. He can tell her he loves her, but would she believe him? Even if she did, she’d be inclined to believe that he loved fishing more. There is nothing wrong with fishing…or even loving fishing, if that’s your “thing.” There isn’t anything wrong with any hobby you might love to do. But it is wrong to put those hobbies before the relationships we share with people and God.
What if we swapped the word “her” in the lyrics and replaced it with “God?” The same is true with God. You can tell God (and everyone else) you love Him, but what’s your attitude come Sunday morning when it’s time to go to church? Are you eager to go and spend time with him? How much time do you spend reading God’s message, the Bible? How much time do you spend talking with Him in prayer? What’s your attitude when the offering plate is passed? How eager are you to tell others about Jesus and what’s He’s done for you?
When our priorities are out of whack, it’s hard for people to believe you care about them and it’s hard for God to accept it too. Anytime our words say one thing but our actions say something else, our words will not be believed. Jesus taught us that your heart truly belongs to what it most treasures. Since a disciple or follower of Jesus is to love God with all his heart, love for any material possessions, hobbies, games, sports, jobs, money, or anything else is a subtle form of idolatry. Colossians 3:5 says, “Therefore put to death your members which are on the earth: fornication, uncleanness, passion, evil desires, and covetousness, which is idolatry.” The command  to “put to death” refers to the practical outworking of seeking and thinking about heavenly things. Paul list in this verse sums up five categories of earthly vices that can become idols when they become more important to us than God.
What would be the treasure of your heart? Are there any priorities you need to get back in control so that the greatest treasure of your heart is God?
*Songwriters: Brad Paisley / Frank Rogers
I’m Gonna Miss Her lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Spirit Music Group


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