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about us logo“The water I will give him will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life.”
— John 4:14

The day of the “old church revival” is mostly a thing of the past. Yet every church and ministry knows America needs a true outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We know the “old way” doesn’t work for today and that is why so many churches are not investing their time and resources in planning and holding revival services. Is it possible for a true revival to occur in today’s world and spread across our country? We believe it is—but we have a different view for getting there and are ready to partner with churches and ministry organizations to bring back the power of the Holy Spirit in our churches, homes, government and nation.

If you’ve been in church or ministry for very long, you’ve heard it said that in order for revival to start, you should draw a circle on the floor and stand inside it then pray, “Lord send a revival and let it begin within this circle.”  There is much truth to that. If each one of us experienced an outpouring of the Holy Spirit within our own lives, we’d see revival. But if it were just up to us individually, Jesus would not have given us the Great Commission. So, before all the pastors across our nation begin drawing circles all over the sanctuary floor (we know you just had that certain church member in mind that you’d like inside one of those circles for the Holy Spirit to work on!), we’d like to tell you about us and how we can partner with your church or ministry organization to ignite and spread a revival throughout our nation like it has never seen before. How awesome would it be if that spark started within your church and within you?

Wellspring Christian Ministries is a non-profit organization with a vision of partnering with churches to equip them to revive, renew, and redeem the ministry of the church so that our nation will experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Living water. That’s what Jesus called himself when he was talking to the woman at the well. Living water that comes from a well springing up from within that gives eternal life. By definition, a wellspring is a source of continual or abundant supply, but too often rather than being water of life springing up, Christians live as if there has been a severe drought without enough living water to go around so they ration it out as if they are afraid it might run out. They’re wilted, and parched. The source of Living Water is just as abundant today as it has ever been—the problem is that too many Christians either take sips here and there or they get their fill at salvation and never return to the source to get filled up again. As a result, our nation is quickly becoming as much of an abomination to God as Israel was when God sent the Babylonians and Assyrians to conquer the nation, destroy the temple, and burn the city of Jerusalem, as they took the people who lived through the invasion into exile. If God would punish His chosen people to such an extent, does America believe it will escape God’s wrath and judgment? Israel’s greatest sin was idolatry and worshiping false gods. Does America have idols today? Certainly. While a percentage may have “carved images,” one of the biggest idols found in our nation is the one in mirror – self. Our nation has become an “it’s all about me” society. Instead of “loving our neighbor as ourselves, we scratch out “neighbor” and just love ourselves. There are also idols of money, career, children, family, hobbies, and success, but our biggest problem is putting ourselves  – our wants and needs—before others and before God.

For generations leading up to God’s judgment of Israel, He sent prophet after prophet to warn them and call them to repentance. At times, a king would “get it” and you see the nation swing back towards God. But the Bible repeats over and over that these kings made one monumental mistake – they failed to tear down the “high places.” Whenever that king’s reign ended and the next king stepped up, the nation went right back to idolatry again and again. Yet still God would call them back. Even as Jeremiah stepped on the scenes of history and God gave him visions of the coming invasion, God still called Israel and Judah to leave their idols and return to Him (Jeremiah 4). Even with the enemy camped outside the walls, had they simply humbled themselves in repentance and turned back to God, they would have seen deliverance rather than invasion.

There is still time for our nation to repent and turn back to God. But how long until God says, “enough is enough” and we reap God’s judgment? If we want America to experience true revival, we need to begin now. While evangelizing the lost is essential, we believe that will come as God’s people humble themselves and turn their hearts back towards God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 is probably the verse most associated with the idea of revival and the first part of this verse is just as important as the rest of the verse. It begins with “If my people…” Who are God’s people? It’s the Christians all around the world. So if we are going to see an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our nation, it is God’s people who need to humble themselves, pray and seek His face. And we want to equip church leaders with a way to make it happen by reviving, renewing, and redeeming the Church – the body of Christ – one local congregation at a time until we see the living water of Christ distributed throughout our nation. Here’s how:


  • The ministry of the church
  • The ministry of church leadership
  • The ministry of the family
  • The ministry of prayer


  • The spiritual life of the Christian
  • The spiritual life of the church
  • The Greatest Commandment
  • The Biblical principles that was the foundation of our nation


  • The lost
  • The prodigals
  • Our government
  • Our nation

How can we partner with your church to help spark and spread a revival throughout America? Fill out the contact form below and our ministry team will be in touch with you to see how we can partner with you and equip your church or ministry for revival. We long for a spiritual awakening—don’t you?

Our Board Members:

  • Brian Bruce, President
  • Shari Martin, Chairman
  • Cathleen Walters, Secretary
  • Josh Tracey, Financial Adviser
  • Micheal Walters, Spiritual Leadership Adviser
  • Christina Crowder
  • Rev. Billy Jones
  • Rev. Patrick Martin
  • Allison Martin
  • Rev. Johnathon Morrell


Prayer Team:

  • Fran Coffield
  • Dr. Bobby Lewis
  • Dr. Jerry Brown
  • Bill Pinkerton