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An Indifferent World

written by Brian Bruce
President of the Board for Wellspring Christian Ministries

Current (and not so current) events have been on my heart and the hearts of so many, not only in this nation, but the entire world.

  • Highly paid pro football players protest the National Anthem and the world is outraged!
  • Confederate monuments are removed or not removed and the world is outraged!
  • A lion and a gorilla are killed and the world is outraged!

There are so many more that could be included that this blog would become a novel! Each and every one of these issues is important to someone. It doesn’t matter which side of the debate you are on. These things matter to people. Each and every one of us has an opinion on something that matters to us and is near to our heart. What’s your favorite food? Color? Sports team? It matters to you. Now I want to get to my point so here goes.

Untold number of people┬ádie each day without the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and the world is…indifferent.

Whatever you feel about everything else pales in comparison if you truly think about this fact. You might even believe that there are other ways into Heaven. There aren’t! Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the light. No man comes to the Father but by Me.” Jesus, the Son of God, said it and I don’t believe God the Father allowed His Son to die for our sins just to decide there was another way in.

It’s very easy to debate current events when they have meaning to us. But it seems so difficult to tell a lost and dying world about the Lord Jesus Christ and what He means to the entire world. I include myself in this. We as a Christian people need to remember what’s truly important. Pray for those around the world who work tirelessly in the mission field. Pray for the lost who are about to be witnessed to. And pray for yourself! Pray that the Lord will give you the words to speak and the courage to witness when that lost soul is near you. God bless you.

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