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Book Now to host the God, Love & Marshmallow Wars Couples Event based on the book by Julia M. Bruce

Cover_mBook now to host this event!

Your church or ministry organization can host the God, Love, and Marshmallow Wars couples’ event based on the book by Julia M. Bruce. The GLMW event is a fun and interactive event that will challenge the married couples in your church to intentionally cultivate their marriage as they invest daily through the activities and guided discussions about God’s design for marriage.

You will not want to miss hosting this author-led event.


Building a Godly, healthy, strong marriage takes work. Yet many marriages — even Christian marriages — leave God outside of the relationship. Godly marriages do not happen without intentionally cultivating it, investing in it, and learning to put God first in your individual lives and in your marriage. We believe that one of the main missing ingredients in most marriage retreats and seminars is they are not teaching the importance of making God the first priority in marriage and individual lives and without God, marriages are more likely to fail. But when the marriage is forged with Godly and Biblical principles that are applied to both the marriage and the individuals, marriages are not only stronger, but so is the whole family. This, in turn, leads to healthier societies.

When couples attend other marriage retreats and conferences, they often get valuable information but when they return home, they rarely apply what they learn. However, when they combine the GLMW Event with the GLMW book, they get a year’s worth of intentional marriage-building instruction through guided Bible study and activities. They can also join the GLMW Facebook community where they can interact with other couples who are working through the book and join the daily discussions to further strengthen their marriage.

This event helps couples understand why the daily activities found in the book will equip them to build a stronger marriage and the book provides them with 365 intentional activities to take what they learn at the event and apply it on a daily basis. Through the event, couples will discover the “why” behind the categories of activities found in the book and “how” these activities are important to building a stronger marriage. Focus points of the event includes :

  • How memorizing scripture and digging into God’s Word together  will help them develop marriages that honor God as they study, meditate and apply scriptures related to marriage and life issues.
  • Why utilizing fun conversation starters that spark meaningful conversations will keep interest alive as they continually learn new things about each other.
  • Why keeping romance alive is essential to intimacy and connectivity.
  • How making memories and working together builds relationship investment bonds and how these investment bonds can become the knots that keeps them together through the tough times.
  • How they can understand what they are or are not contributing to the marriage as well as how they might be contributing to problems or potential problems within the relationship through the use of targeted, intentional personal reflections
  • Why it is important that couples never stop dating and how group dates with Christian friends can be both an encouragement and accountability to their own relationship.

During the event, couples will be given an activity from each focus point to do together, making this event an interactive, fun, and engaging event with practical, hands-on learning.

Each couple will receive a copy of the God, Love, and Marshmallow Wars book signed by the author. For more information on hosting this event, complete the online form below..

We prefer a minimum of 25 couples so that the interactive activities are more fun and so couples can encourage, challenge, and learn from one another. Smaller churches can get with other area churches and co-host the event, so please don’t let our minimum preference prevent you from holding this event. We want to strengthen as many marriages as we can. If you are unable to collect 25 couples, contact us anyway and if we are going to be at a location near you, we will still come and lead this event or provide you with the information of the larger event near you that your church will be able to join.

To check available dates, request more information, or book now, please complete the online form below:

Check out this page to learn more about the God, Love, and Marshmallow Wars book.

Available in hardback, paperback and ebook from Westbow Press Bookstore, Christian Book Distributors, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Click the icons below to purchase from your preferred bookstore.

Your church’s or ministry’s investment:

  • This event is best held as a Friday evening and all day Saturday event, but can be tailored for a smaller event and shorter time.
  • We recommend that the host site provide 4 meals and 2 snacks, which includes beginning the event with dinner on Friday night and then breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday with a morning and afternoon snack on Saturday. Based on the financial situation of your church, you can build this expense into the price you charge per couple or provide it out of your church/ministry budget. Find ways to keep costs down, such as simple meals like spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread and see if local grocery stores will donate items such as one of the snacks or meat for one meal. You can then insert a “thank you” into your event program.
  • Provide bottled water, tea, sodas to be available throughout the event.
  • Travel expense for the event speaker to include hotel, meals not part of the conference, and either airfare and rental car or $0.50 per mile for driving as calculated by google maps (whichever is the lesser expense). Event leader will submit receipts for expenses.
  • Conference fee payable to the event speaker: $900 per 25 couples (includes an autographed copy of the GLMW book per couple at the author’s discounted price), which equals $36 per couple. A non-refundable $250 booking fee is due at time of booking and will be subtracted from the total fee. Half of the remaining fee is due six weeks prior to the event. Balance will be due the day of the event. Should the event be cancelled by the church or ministry organization, fees are refundable (expect for the booking fee) up to two weeks prior to the event. It is preferred to reschedule the event instead of cancelling. Should the event leader cancel, all fees (including booking fee) will be refunded if a date to reschedule is not available.
  • The church/ministry site will be responsible for determining the cost per couple, collecting fees, and obtaining RSVPs. To determine a cost per couple, estimate your total expenses and divide it by the estimated number of couples you expect to attend. Utilize volunteers as much as possible to keep the cost down. We also encourage you to seek out members willing to sponsor/scholarship another couple so that couples on a tight budget are able to attend. After setting your fee, set a low cost (approximately $25 per couple) as a sign-up fee. Half of the remaining amount due should be paid to you by eight weeks prior to the event. The remaining amount should be paid to you by two weeks prior to the event. If you wish, you can set additional payment dates along the way, to break up the expense and make it easier for couples to afford.
  • The event leader will need access to the event site early Friday morning for set up and would appreciate volunteers on site to help.
  • The GLMW team would need space to set up a place to sell products.
  • Get buy-in from your pastoral and ministry staff. Your members will see the importance of attending if the pastoral/ministry staff attends.
  • Consider setting up an on-line registration through your church’s website with payment by credit or debit card. You could also choose to set a discount if they pay in full.
  • Consider setting up a mobile app for your event. The app could include a speaker bio, information about the praise and worship team, the event schedule, resources, social media, registration and payment, business and individual sponsors, a place to donate for event scholarships, and an appreciation for all your volunteers.

Optional Ideas For an Enhanced Experience:

  • End the event with a group marriage vow renewal service led by your pastor. (If your pastor also wishes to participate in the marriage vow renewal, ask a pastor from a neighboring church to lead this) You can choose to follow this with a wedding-style reception with wedding cake, punch, and light finger foods, if you wish. You could also make this part of your Sunday morning service with a pot-lunch following the service.
  • Inform smaller churches in your area that you are hosting the event and invite them to join you.
  • Invite a praise and worship team/band from another local church to lead your group on Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening. Consider offering them a free or discounted price to attend the event.
  • Allow couples to invite family and friends to the vow renewal service and reception.
  • Network with area restaurants and businesses to provide gift cards or passes that you can use to either provide each couple with at least one gift card or pass for a date night or create themed gift baskets with the cards/passes you receive that you can use as random give-aways throughout the event. You could also get donations from stores to make the gift baskets. Plan to acknowledge companies that donated items, gift cards, or passes at the event either on paper handouts or electronically via media projection. Be sure to send a thank you card to each company that donates.

Optional expenses or  ways to utilize volunteers within your church/ministry organization:

  • Workers to provide child care for children under 12.
  • Plan a ministry project or fun event for teens at the same time as the event or use them as some of your volunteers for this event.
  • Kitchen staff to prepare and serve meals
  • Parking attendants (for larger events)
  • Media staff to manage sound and media projection
  • Purchase a GLMW welcome bag for each couple (includes a GLMW notebook and pen for taking notes, a GLMW Event t-shirt, and an informational page about the GLMW Facebook community page). You will need to collect shirt sizes with your registration. If you choose not to purchase the welcome bag, we are able to offer the t-shirts and notebooks for sale at the event. Price for welcome bag TBD.
  • Purchase of printed official GLMW publicity package (prices TBD) or utilize our downloadable graphics (coming soon!) to create your own publicity.
  • As soon as you book the event, begin promoting it on your church’s website. Speak with local radio stations about a free public service announcement. If your denomination has state and/or local offices, talk to them about putting it in their newsletters and websites if you want to invite the general public. Talk with area churches and see what other churches might want to participate. This will increase your attendance at the event as well as your pool of volunteer possibilities.
  • If you would like to plan the event as a weekend “get-away,” the church/ministry organization would secure the venue and build the expense into the cost per couple. Hosting the event at your church/ministry site, will save couples money but can create more work for your staff/ministry teams.
  • Purchase our complete GLMW event planning guide for step-by-step planning that includes time frames to keep your event on track and help you organize your teams through the planning process. (guide coming soon).
  • You can decorate for this event anyway you wish – or not at all. You can go simple or extravagant. It’s all up to you and what your event budget will allow. You might consider a coffee shop theme which will correspond to the book cover.
  • If you struggle with getting enough volunteers, offer them a discounted or free attendance at the event as your budget allows. At the very least, offer them free meals. We also suggest some small token of appreciation for every volunteer.
  • ut out a call for vendors to set up booths with either free give-aways or to sell products at your event. You can charge vendors a booth fee that will increase your budget for the event and keep costs down for your attendees. All you need to do is provide a table for each vendor. Should they need access to an electrical outlet, place their table near an outlet and give them a higher vendor fee. Ideas for venders include your local Christian bookstore, members of your congregation that makes/sells crafts of any kind or those that sell products such as Plexus, Mary Kay, etc. Any restaurants or entertainment business (bowling, movies, adventure parks, etc.) in the area could also be invited. If you have a Christian adoption or foster care agency in your area, invite them as well.
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    news and events

    Don’t forget to learn this week’s memory verse:

    memory verse logo

    Isaiah 55:6-7

    Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near; let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.  


    Our key verse for revival is 2 Chronicles 7:14. “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.  Our verse last week focused on praying. For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on repentance.

    #revive #renew #redeem #revivalinAmerica #revivalin2020 #WCM

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    Looking for a keynote speaker for your next ministry event? Julia is now booking for 2019 and 2020 Christian events for women’s and couples’ ministries for both small and large events.
    Book with us now.

    Julia is CEO of Wellspring Christian Ministries, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people and couples develop a passionate relationship with God. A public speaker, conference trainer, event planner, and blog writer, Julia is a two-time graduate from Grand Canyon University with a bachelor in Psychology and a masters in Professional Counseling. Saved as a child and raised in church and in a Christian home and private Christian School as a Pastor’s kid, Julia has taught Sunday school, led music, played the piano, served as Children’s Director, and engaged her gifts in many other areas of church life. Previously employed with the Florida Baptist Convention, Julia organized events and led conferences for church ministry assistants. Today, Julia enjoys sharing her journey as a growing Christian with others looking for a deeper connection with God. Through Bible study and her own life experiences, God has given Julia a passion to help couples understand God’s design for marriage while they learn to place God first in their marriage, cultivate meaningful relationships, build intimacy, and address the tougher issues that come in every marriage so that they can experience a marriage that honors and glorifies God. Julia also loves mentoring, teaching, and working with women to help them learn to live as Godly women.

    With her history and experience growing up in both small and large churches, Julia enjoys bringing top level quality events to churches of all sizes. Her father largely pastored small churches and therefore she understands that these vital parts of the believing community need to be good stewards of the resources God provides them with. This knowledge inspires her passion for being available with a fresh perspective for those who want to provide their congregations with meaningful spiritual growth opportunities, regardless of size.

    Image result for form pngTo request more information or a booking, 
    fill out the online form here.

    Or call us at 904.524.8073

    #JuliaBruce #speaker #keynote #author

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    By Dicksons

    Mr. and Mrs. stoneware mug set includes one each white mug for the bride and black mug for the groom, each embellished with swirl motif and accented with quote from bestselling marriage sentiment “Marriage Takes Three”.

    A marriage that follows God’s plan
    Takes more than a woman and a man.
    It needs a oneness that can be
    Only from Christ-
    Marriage takes three.
    Beth Stuckwisch/Dicksons ®

    • Dishwasher and microwave safe
    • 16 ounce capacity
    • boxed set for shower or wedding gift
    201809X: Devoted Praying Couple Figure Devoted Praying Couple Figure

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    Praying couple sculpture in lifelike detail, cast stone on circle base with protective felt backing. Handpainted with engraved Scripture verse on plaque; Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace. Ephesians 4:2-3. 6″ x 6″ x 4.5″. Boxed. Devoted Sculpture Series.

    God, Love, and Marshmallow Wars: 365 Daily Challenges to Grow Your Marriage  -     By: Julia M. Bruce

    God, Love, and Marshmallow Wars: 365 Daily Challenges to Grow Your Marriage

    By Julia M. Bruce / WestBow Press


    There’s no doubt that marriage is hard work. Yet it can also be one of the most fulfilling relationships you can experience, outside of your relationship with God. However, many marriages leave God outside of the relationship. Godly marriages do not happen without cultivating it, investing in it, and putting God first in your individual lives and in your marriage.
    This book includes 365 daily activities and takes you on a journey through Biblical principles about Godly marriage that you can then apply to your marriage, as well as helping you talk through concepts that can help you develop a solid relationship. Inside you will find simple, quick activities that include:
    • Scripture to memorize and meditate on
    • Conversation Starters
    • Concepts from the Bible on Godly marriages
    • Romance Builders
    • Relationship Builders
    • Personal reflections
    • Date ideas
    • Group date ideas for you and other Christian couples




    950005: I Love Us Coasters, Set of 2I Love Us Coasters, Set of 2

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    Set of two, ceramic absorbent coasters with distinctive art design. Designed with a slanted edge and can be easily removed for cleaning. Each coaster is 2.75″ in diameter.

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    Farmhouse Collection of framed wall art pairs natural stained pine frames with artisan typography, artfully detailed with careful attention to the wood texture as well as the placement of each word. Handcrafted in the USA.

    • 20.25″ x 13.75″ high
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    • Scripture
    • I have found the one my soul loves. Song of Solomon 3:4
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    088049: Marriage Prayer Wood Plaque Marriage Prayer Wood Plaque

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    Wall plaque captures the everyday appeal of reclaimed wood as a backdrop for special words and inspiring sentiment, in a heart-to-heart gift you’ll love to give.12″ tall x 5.5″; boxed gift; keyhole hanger. New Horizons Collection; mounted print on wood product with the look of rustic wood. Artisan typography completes the trending look. Made in the USA.

    • Marriage gift idea
    • Marriage Prayer Lord, help us to remember when we first met and the strong love that grew between us. Help us love in practical ways so that nothing can divide us. May our words be kind and our thoughts gracious. May we remain humble enough to ask for forgiveness and wise enough to freely give.
    184620: Ten Ways To Love Wall Art Ten Ways To Love Wall Art

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    Rustic wall art makes a statement of warmth and inspiration in your home; 14″ x 24″, on vertical pallet slats; a primitive natural look with distressed finish.Distressed finish; 10 Ways to love…Listen without interrupting…Speak without accusing…Give without sparing…Pray without ceasing…Answer without arguing…Share without pretending…Enjoy without complaint…Trust without wavering…Forgive without punishing…Promise without forgetting. Love never fails.Typography lettering.

    Sawtooth hanger for secure wall display; pine slats from actual pallets are attached to two cross beams; ready to hang on your wall.

    What is pallet art?
    It is a top trend in wall decor, created of dried-out pine with authentic rustic finish and the look of age and distress. It is the same wood that is used to create shipping pallets, and contains knots and knot holes, rough spots, irregular edging, and a rough, raw natural look- from the heart of America.The roughness and texture behind the artwork gives each piece a unique look of its own.

    Pallet art is highly desirable and fits well with Country, primitive decor, contemporary suburban designs, and the open, back-to-nature style that is so appealing. Sawtooth hangers are affixed to the back for easy hanging on the wall.

    Create a warm and casual atmosphere with distinctive pallet wall art in every room.

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    261212: Willow Tree &#174 Promise Willow Tree ® Promise

    By Susan Lordi / Demdaco

    Willow Tree ® figurine Promise, from the Relationship Collection by Susan Lordi. Hold dear the promise of love, 9″ high. A sculpture commemorating your love and a gift to give for special events: proposal, wedding, anniversary or your special day.Willow Tree celebrates loving relationships between friends and family.

    507198: Just A Little Reminder Love You Willow Tree Figurine Just A Little Reminder Love You Willow Tree Figurine

    By Susan Lordi / Demdaco

    Willow Tree ® figurine collectible designed by Susan Lordi

    • 5.5″ tall, resin with openwork sparkling metallic sign love you
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    • Just a little reminder…
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    00962X: Love Is, Sterling Silver Ribbon Heart Necklace Love Is, Sterling Silver Ribbon Heart Necklace

    By Laurel Elliott, DVB New York

    Slender ribbon of sterling silver shapes a keepsake heart necklace engraved with the beloved words of Scripture Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. and on the reverse I Corinthians 13:4-8. An exquisite design, a reminder of true Christian love; on 18″ sterling silver chain with secureclasp. 1.5″ x 1.5″; in classic jewelry gift box.

    Extend your necklace with 2″ sterling silver chain extender; Order Sku 392633

    715666: I Heart U Pendant, Sterling Silver I Heart U Pendant, Sterling Silver

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    715704: You & Me Pendant, Sterling Silver You & Me Pendant, Sterling Silver

    By Logos Trading Post, LLC

    Sterling silver pendant for someone special

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    14324X: Best Husband Ever Socks Best Husband Ever Socks

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    Men’s gift socks with fun sentiment

    • 70% cotton, 28% polyester, 2% spandex
    • M/L fits men shoe size 8-12
    • Best husband ever is imprinted on the sole
    • Black
    87674153: Personalized, Ceramic Mug, Your Love, Red Personalized, Ceramic Mug, Your Love, Red

    By P Graham Dunn Inc Engravables

    Ceramic gift mug in red with white lined inside. 11 ounce mug; microwave and dishwasher safe; engraved with heartfelt sentiment, Your love is the greatest gift. Love, and personalized with the names of your choice. 4.75″ x 3.75″.

    Also comes in pink for her.

    Personalized at no additional cost on the premises at

    189695: So Loved Mug, Ephesians 3:19 So Loved Mug, Ephesians 3:19

    By Lighthouse Christian Products

    Classy black ceramic mug

    • Red and white designer lettering
    • So Loved with Scripture on the reverse side
    • Ephesians 3:19 …and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.
    • Boxed; safe for mw/dw
    4900218: I Love You. I Love You More. I Love You Most Mug I Love You. I Love You More. I Love You Most Mug

    By Lorrie Veasey / Enesco Corporation

    Gift mug shares your love in fun design with red heart trim.Red interior and conversation sentiment I love you. I love you more! I love you the most!16 ounce capacity; stoneware.Boxed; designed by Lorrie Veasey for Our Name is Mud.Fun and functional gift for the one you love. Safe for microwave and dishwasher; 4.5″ tall.

    19956X: I Am My Beloved"s, Sterling Silver Ring, Size 11 I Am My Beloved’s, Sterling Silver Ring, Size 11

    By Laurel Elliott, DVB New York

    Classic sterling silver poesy ring is richly detailed with Hebrew sentiment I am my beloved’s ; taken from the Song of Solomon. Wedding ring favorite in timeless beauty and rich design.Hebrew engraving ani l’dodi; modern Hebrew quote from Song of Solomon 6:3. Created using lost-wax casting, an ancient method of fine jewelry production; a beautiful ring: romantic, meaningful, and everlasting. Elegantly boxed with explanatory enclosure. Made in the USA.

    974929: Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship

    By Ruth Chou Simons / Harvest House Publishers

    You are in the process of becoming. Every day is an opportunity to be shaped and formed by what moves your heart.drives your thoughts.captures your gaze. Is it any wonder that where you direct your eyes and your heart matter in your day-to-day?

    We become what we behold when we set our hearts and minds on Christ and His redemption story here in the details of our daily lives. Not just on Sunday, not just on holidays, not just when extraordinarily hard or wonderful things happen.but today

    Bestselling author and artist Ruth Chou Simons invites you on a new journey to Beholding and Becoming. With more than 850 pieces of intricate, original artwork, Ruth encourages you to elevate your gaze to the One who created all things.

    Today is an opportunity for God to demonstrate His love and His faithfulness in the midst of your mundane. No circumstance is too ordinary or too forgotten for Him to meet you there in worship. His transforming grace turns your “everyday ordinary” into a holy place of becoming.


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