by Julie Bruce Who are the people you consider to be your neighbor? The people that live in the house next to yours, or across the street? Maybe all the people who live on your street or in your housing development. In Matthew 22:39, Jesus taught us that we shouldContinue Reading

by Julie Bruce Let’s face it…. we’ve all had those moments… maybe days, weeks, or even years….when we felt like our spouse was more our enemy. The reason why is not as important as what the Bible has to say regarding our enemies and how we treat our spouse inContinue Reading

by Julie Bruce 1 John 4:8 is one of the simplest verses in the Bible. It simply says, “God is love.” It make sense, then, that if we want to understand love, that we come to the source of love…God. It’s His very nature. It’s who He is. In fact, GodContinue Reading

by Julie Bruce The story about the Woman at the Well is one of my favorites. Imagine with me for a moment…. It’s in the middle of the day…the hottest part of the day…and a lone woman lifts a clay jar and sets it on her shoulder and heads forContinue Reading