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By Julia Bruce Usually when we think of the book of 2 Chronicles, our minds immediately go to the well-known verse found in verse 14 of Chapter 7. However, I want to take us over to chapter 20 to where King Jehoshaphat received some really bad news and God spokeContinue Reading

by Brian and Julie Bruce Take a few moments and think about your own ideas of how you think God expects husbands to lead their families? Can you name some ways? What does spiritual leadership look like in your home right now? If it is not where you think itContinue Reading

by Brian and Julie Bruce What is spiritual leadership in the home? Why is it necessary? What does it accomplish? How is it shown? What is it Not? How can husbands today live out being a spiritual leader in a world of equal rights and feminist rights? Our next fewContinue Reading

Godly marriages include three: God, Husband, and Wife. The closer spouses get to God, the closer they get to each other.Continue Reading