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Celebrating Palm Sunday: John 12:12-13

John 12 12-13 Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Satan may try to stop the celebration of this season where we celebrate the majesty and glory of Christ and the very reason Jesus came to earth – to defeat Satan. And Jesus accomplished that through this death and resurrection. But in a virtual world we can all still celebrate together. In fact, on KLove, the DJs said that on next Sunday, Easter Sunday, we are encouraged to all step outside our homes (practicing our social distancing skills!) and at noon sing the 1st verse of Amazing Grace. Will you join us? Post in the comments “Amazing Grace Easter Sunday” if you will sing with us. We will post more details later in the week.

If your church doesn’t have the technology to video and post or have a virtual live service, we invite you to join our church, First Baptist Middleburg, in celebrating Palm Sunday and participate in The Lord’s Supper at home with your own family. So get your grape juice and crackers ready and let’s defeat Satan’s plan to stop the celebration of the Lamb of God.

palm sunday service