Ministry is a battlefield, but we are to be steadfast, immovable as we pray and allow God to fight for us. Then we can excel in the work of the Lord.Continue Reading

Every day we fight spiritual battles, but God did not leave without the proper battle gear. He gave us the Armor of God so we’d be prepared.Continue Reading

Ministry is the spiritual battle of eternal life over eternal separation from God. Eph 6:10-12 tells us how to successfully fight in spiritual battles. Continue Reading

How do we know if a trial is being used by God or Satan? There are 4 questions we can ask ourselves to determine if our trial is a test or an attack.Continue Reading

God does not want us to be ignorant about Satan. He wants us to be able to recognize his lies, wiles, and schemes. So, He told us everything we need to know about him so that we can have victory and overcome his temptations.Continue Reading