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Couple Challenge: Date Night


Set a pre-determined number of trivia questions for each couple to bring with them. Have them write the question, answer, and Bible reference on an index card – one question per card. Each couple will hang onto their questions and when it’s their turn to ask a question, they will choose one of the questions they brought with them. Divide into two teams. One person on team A will pull out a question and ask the question to Team B. Team B has 30 seconds to answer. If they are unable to answer correctly, Team A gets to try answering it. A point goes to the team that answers correctly. If neither team answers, then a point goes to the couple who wrote the question. If no one is able to answer the question, the question writer is to look up the Bible reference and read the scripture. Have some “dollar store” prizes on hand so that each couple on the winning team receives a prize and the couple with the most unanswered questions receives a prize. Need a trivia question to get you going? Try this one: Who were the first men in the Bible to wear boxer shorts and who provided the instructions on how to make them? (Exodus 28:42)


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