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Couple Challenge: Memorize & Discuss



Together, read Judges 6:11-24 in your Bible.

This passage of scripture is where God calls Gideon out to rescue Israel from the Midianites. In the Holman Bible the Angel of the Lord calls Gideon a “mighty warrior.” In the King James Bible, Gideon is a “mighty man of valor.” The New Living Translations refers to Gideon as a hero. But Gideon didn’t feel that way about himself…at all. Look at verse 15 and talk about how Gideon saw himself.

Husband, to your wife and children, you are their hero and no matter how you see yourself, like Gideon, God says to “go in the strength you have” and that He will be with you. What does this mean to you?

Israel would look to Gideon as their leader to rescue their nation from the Midianites. Your wife and children look to you to lead them. God has called you to lead them. You may not have been called to rescue an entire nation, but as a husband and father, what are ways your family look to you to rescue them? How are you a “mighty warrior” or a “mighty man of valor” to your family?

As a husband, God has given you a big responsibility, but He says to you “I will be with you.” How does knowing this help you in the moments that you feel overwhelmed with the responsibility of leading and protecting your family?


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