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Couple Challenge: Personal Reflection


There is no room in marriage for selfish pride. Pride and ego go hand in hand. It can get in the way of owning up to mistakes or it might manifest itself in the form of a mask that hides your true feelings. Pride can make us see ourselves as better than our spouse or paint a better picture of ourselves than we truly are. The Bible teaches that pride is the path to destruction… and in marriage, it will lead to the destruction of your relationship. It will drive a wedge between you that destroys trust and intimacy. It will cause arguments and destroy peace. As you reflect ask yourself the following:

  • Do you make everything personal?
  • Do you spend more time finding fault in your spouse than searching out and working on your own faults?
  • Do you ignore the needs of your spouse and place your own before his/hers?
  • Do you make everything about you and demand all the attention?
  • Are you unable to see any other viewpoint but your own?
  • Do you never ask for help?
  • How much do you willingly sacrifice for your spouse?
  • Do you have difficulty submitting to authority?

If you answered yes to any of these, pride may be something you need to spend some time confessing and seeking God’s help to overcome. If God reveals any pride, confess it to Him and ask Him to help you let go of pride and replace it with humility and grace.


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