March 11 Deut 15 7-8 NKJV

For many of us, God has blessed us with homes, food, electricity, running water, incomes, and all the basic necessities of life. Some have just enough to get by until next payday while others have more than they know what to do with. Many of us look in a closet full of clothes and complain that we have nothing to wear or we look in fully stocked pantry or refrigerator and complain that there is nothing to eat. Yet, we walk by the poor or homeless without even seeing them…or at least pretending not to see them. God wants to bless them too…and He may be bringing that blessing through you. Is it true that if you give them money they will just by liquor or drugs – perhaps for some, but not all. However, God doesn’t ask us to scrutinize how they spend what we give. He just commands us to give…and to give willingly. In Deuteronomy 15:7-8, God also says to give the poor what they need. If that’s food, give some food. You could consider packing MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) in shoeboxes and keeping a few on hand. These could contain non-perishable items that would give someone a full meal – things like an individualized size of cereal, non perishable milk, a can of Vienna sausages or other canned meat, a pack of crackers, a bag of chips, a bottle of water, and a small package of cookies. Maybe the person in need has a home, but they need groceries. Purchase the groceries for them and take them to them. Or maybe their need is help with the lawn. Make it a family project to go over and take care of the yards for them on a Saturday. Maybe they need a home repair and you have the skill to make the repair. Maybe their children need clothes. You could get your church involved to collect gently used clothing in the right sizes and take them to the family. Maybe it’s a child struggling in school in an area that you are gifted. You could offer free tutoring.

People all around us have needs. Sometimes if family members. Sometimes its a coworker. Sometimes its a stranger. Sometimes its a homeless person. We can either pretend to be blind to them and ignore them or we can choose to be the hands of feet of Jesus and meet the need. If God has drawn your attention to the need, then He’s probably calling you to meet the need. Commit this week to look for the needs that others have and allow the Holy Spirit to help you find ways to meet those needs. You never know – you just might be the answer to that person’s prayer that day.

God, forgive us for ignoring the needs of others. Forgive us for hardened hearts and closed eyes to those in need. Give us eyes to see opportunities to help others out of the blessings with which you have blessed us. 

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