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Digging Deeper: As for me

This week we are digging deeper into our memory verse – Joshua 24:15

Each day will will focus on just one part of the verse. As we are digging deeper, begin with praying that the Holy Spirit will give you wisdom, to open your ears to hear Him speak to you, and to soften your heart so you can apply what He reveals to you.

The verse says:

Make it personal

Begin by reading the verse again but personalize it as Paul is writing to you:

As for [YOUR NAME] and the [YOUR LAST NAME] house, we will serve the Lord. — Joshua 24:15

Today we digging deeper into the very first part of the verse that says, “As for me.”

Digging Deeper: First things first

The Bible is clear that in a Christian home, the husband is the spiritual leader. It all starts there. In Joshua 24:15, Joshua says, “As for me…” The temperature, mood, and spirituality of a home and family begins with the husband. He must first decide for himself whether to accept Christ as his Savior. Without submitting to Christ and accepting His free gift of grace and forgiveness, the husband cannot be a spiritual leader. He could be a great moral leader, but he cannot be a spiritual leader without first becoming a Christian.

If you are a single mom, then perhaps you find yourself filling the shoes of mom and dad for your kids. You too can set the temperature, mood, and spirituality of your home and say like Joshua, “As for me…”.

What if you’re married and your husband is a Christian, but he refuses to be a spiritual leader? You can’t force him. You shouldn’t shame him into it. Begging and nagging won’t help. Bumping his elbow whenever the preacher preaches about spiritual leadership in the home won’t do anything either. But you can pray for him and allow the Holy Spirit to work in his heart and life. Then you follow the God-given role God established for the wife. You can model Christian values to your children and teach them the ways of God. But where your husband stands with God and in obedience to God is between him and God.

Digging Deeper: Ways to lead.

As the spiritual leader in your home, God will hold you responsible for how you lead. So let’s look at ways to lead your family as a spiritual leader.


First you lead as you model Godly principles and a christian lifestyle. You can’t lead by shouting Amen! in church but being a drunk at home, or cussing at the refs in the football game. You can’t talk about how great God is but put your wife down to your friends. As a spiritual leader, your words and actions should be the same and you should model a Christian lifestyle in the way you live.


Second, you lead as you mentor your children. You sons should grow up to become a man of God because you have mentored him in what God expects of him. You daughters should grow up to be able to recognize a man of God so that as she chooses a husband for herself, she will choose one that will continue to lead her spiritually throughout her life.


Third, you lead as you instruct your family in the ways of God. As a spiritual leader you should be teaching them through family worship time of studying the Bible together, teaching them to pray, and teaching them to praise God. You should teach them to cast their cares on God and to seek Him when they are scared, discouraged, or disappointed. You should be teaching them to hide God’s word in their heart and meditating on it day and night. And, you should be teaching them how to apply God’s Word to their lives.


Fourth as a spiritual leader, you coach them. Coaches are responsible for planning, organizing and delivering an appropriate range of sports activities and programs for individuals and teams. As the spiritual coach for your family, you are responsible for planning their spiritual development, organizing opportunities for worship and spiritual development, and delivering an appropriate range of activities that will grow and develop them spiritually. You and your family are team Jesus and you need to coach them so they know and understand what being on Jesus’ team is all about.


Fifth, a spiritual leader is always looking for ways to cheer his family on when they have a new insight into God or when they struggle in an area and are working to overcome it. For example, if your child struggles with temper tantrums and you have been teaching them how God would want them to behave and you notice that instead of tantrum they follow how God would want them to behave, then you should be your child’s biggest cheer leader and let them know you noticed. As parents we are so quick to “catch” our children misbehaving and we neglect to “catch” them doing something good. Look for what they do good and encourage them in Godly behaviors.

Lead like Christ

Lastly, as a spiritual leader, you have the responsibility to lead as Christ led – with love, grace, and truth. You are the mirror of Christ and when your wife and children look at you, they should see Christ.

Digging deeper: Let Joshua be your mentor

In Joshua 24:15, Joshua is a great mentor and tells every husband exactly what it means to be a spiritual leader. He knew that it started with him. He determined that his household would sever God. And you choose for yourself and your family if you will serve the Lord or not.

If every Christian man followed in the footsteps of Joshua and said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord,” our homes that claim to be Christian homes would begin to exhibit characteristics of being a Christian home. As the Christian man surrenders his heart, mind, and soul to God and has a revival in his own heart and then leads his home to serve the Lord as God designed for the home, our homes would experience revival. Then from one Christian home to the next, revival would begin to spread home by home, neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, state by state, and throughout our nation.

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But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. – Joshua 24:15 

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