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Does Prayer Really Work?

by Brian Bruce

One thing that I often hear about prayer is “Oh, it can be great, but I don’t think it still works” or something along those lines. I’m here to say that’s a wrong way of thinking! Prayer works, and I can give many examples from my own life.

first date
Our 1st date at the Jacksonville Zoo

In 2004, I was seeking someone to spend my life with, so I wrote a list of the qualities that I was looking for in a wife. Then I prayed over that list daily. A few months later, I met Julie, who was exactly the woman I was looking for. Prayer works!



Our wedding with our children (oldest to youngest) James, Amber, Rayce and Katelyn.

A few months later, after turning down a few proposals, Julie prayed and told God “If Brian is the man that you want me to marry, he has to be transferred to the day shift at work.” I was unaware at the time she had prayed this, but when she asked me about the possibility of me moving to a day shift, I told her there was no way that would happen…but less than a week later, I was transferred to the day shift. We were married in October 2005. Prayer works!

In 2012, I suffered a diabetic ulcer (we’ll spare you that photo. YUCK!)¬†on my left foot and was sent to a renowned wound care specialist who told me there was no pulse in my left leg. He told me “Go to Memorial Hospital E.R. and check in. You’re going to lose that leg.” As my daughter drove me to the E.R., I called Julie, who called my sister, Shari Martin. A prayer chain went literally around the world as people we knew called people they knew. The hospital staff was running tests and preparing me for amputation, which was scheduled for two days from then. As I lay on an exam table having one last test done…a doppler test on the leg..the technician heard a very slight pulse. She called the surgeon, who instead of amputating, performed surgery that saved the leg and included removing all the infected skin tissue. When they were done cutting away, the skin was removed from my heel all the way to the bone and what was left was a large gaping hole. I still have my leg today….and if you look at my foot where the ulcer used to be, you won’t even see a scar! Prayer works!

The furbaby, Chewbacca, recovering from his own foot wound.

In June 2017, our fur baby Chewie had a serious injury to his front right paw. Just like with me, the prognosis was amputation. He was stuck in the veterinary ER overnight with IV antibiotics and all we could do was pray. When we called in the morning to check on him, we were told he was walking on it normally. A month later…he still has four paws and you almost can’t tell it was ever injured. Even for a pet, prayer works!

The only prayer that won’t be answered is the one that isn’t prayed. Sometimes we don’t get what we prayed for in the way we hoped, or we don’t seem to get it at all. Maybe God just said no…or wait. He always answers the prayers of His children and gives the best answer for the moment, whether it’s yes…later…or no.

Prayer works!

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