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Two ministry workers were discussing their problems over lunch one day. One of them said to the other one: “What I need is a blessing that isn’t in disguise.”

The lyrics to the chorus in Laura Story’s song entitled Blessings are:

‘Cause what if your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You’re near
What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise*

So many of the ways that God is at work in our lives every day goes unseen, unnoticed, taken for granted. But sometimes the difficult things in life – the dream that ended, the medical diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, the house deal fell through, the car broke down, you missed your exit because another driver didn’t let you over – are actually God at work. Sometimes what we think is detrimental, is God protecting us or drawing us closer to Him, or teaching us to be dependent on Him, or He is protecting us from something that we couldn’t yet see.

After feeling his brother’s anger under the guise of going to find a bride Hebron, Jacob encounters God in a dream where he sees angels ascending and descending on a ladder that extends from Heaven to earth. At the top of the ladder is the Lord and He transfers the blessing given to Abraham to Jacob. As part of the promise the Lord gives to Jacob, He tells him that Jacob He will be with him wherever he goes and that He will direct him back to this place. God had already declared to Isaac that it would be Jacob’s lineage that would fulfill the promises God made to Abraham. The deception to steal Esau’s birthright and blessing were not needed for God to work out His plan for Jacob’s life and it caused a rift between the two brothers which had one fleeing the other. Alone on the cold, hard ground with a stone for a pillow, Jacob laid down to sleep. Can you imagine what went through his mind in that moment? I’m sure he must have wondered if he would ever see his home again and would Esau ever forgive him enough that he would not want to kill him. When Jacob arrives in Heron, God has one future father-in-law ready to teach Jacob some much needed lessons so that Jacob can mature and be prepared for what God will do in and through his life. And then when the time is right, God would direct Jacob’s steps back to the land of promise that Jacob knew as home.

Just as the Lord directed the paths of Jacob and brought him back to the land of promise, so He does in our lives every day. So whether its a God-sized dream, and uncertain future, and unexpected job loss, prodigal children, overwhelming responsibilities, underappreciated marriage relationship or job, aging parents, death of a loved one, a negative medical diagnosis, financial troubles or anything else you face in life, you can know that God is with you through every moment of life and He will direct your paths, even if the blessings are in disguise. Take some time to thank Him and praise Him for always being with you and look for the unexpected blessings and the blessings in disguise.

*Songwriters: Laura Story
Blessings lyrics © Capitol Christian Music Group


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