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God Always Finishes What He Starts

Philippians 1 6Do you ever begin a project, but don’t complete it? Maybe it ended up being more expensive than you thought it would be. Or maybe it required you to invest more time than you have to give it. Maybe it was more difficult than what you saw on Pintrest. Maybe your project wasn’t turning out to look at good as the one you saw in the craft store. Maybe you thought it looked fun, but when you really got into it, it was actually work and no fun at all.

Maybe you have an on-going project and you pull it out when you have a little time and money to invest in it and then put it away again when the extra money is spent and there’s no more time to devote to it. You’ve been doing this for years and sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever finish it.

We’ve all been there! Maybe it’s a project like cleaning out cabinets or the garage. Maybe it’s cleaning out the children’s closet to pass on what is too small. Maybe it’s a hobby project or refinishing an antique piece of furniture that was passed down to you from a deceased loved one. Some projects are necessary and others maybe more for fun. But there are times when we get them started and never finish it. The current hype is coloring, which is supposed to reduce stress. I have one of those coloring books and it’s even has nice Bible verses on each page. But one page, has very tiny spaces to color and there are many spaces! I’ve worked on that one page off and on for months and it still isn’t finished.

What if God was like that? What if He pulled us out on a day he felt like working on us and then put us back and chose someone else because we were too much work or too difficult? Philippians 1:6 says, “Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.”

We can have confidence, without a single doubt, that God is constantly at work in us. Through the work of the Holy Spirit that dwells within all believers, He convicts us of sin, helps us, shapes us, and molds us so that we are constantly being made to reflect a little more of Christ. As we spend time each day reading the Bible, praying, attending church services, singing worship songs, God is constantly doing an internal work in our lives as He draws us into a deeper relationship with Him. He is transforming us on the inside so that we reflect more of Him on the outside.

It was God’s grace that began the good work in you…and me. His good work began the moment you felt the Holy Spirit convicting you that you were lost in your sins and you took the step of faith, surrendered your life to Christ, and His grace made you a child of God. But just becoming a Christian isn’t enough for God. He wants to have an intimate and personal relationship with you and so he continues the work that began at your salvation to sculpt you into that masterpiece He created you to be. This “good work” is nothing you or I could do for ourselves. It was God that began it and he will keep on working on us…perfecting us. He perfects us by enlightening us with wisdom and understanding. He perfects us as he subdue us into surrendering to His perfect will. He perfects us has He breaks apart our hard, stony hearts and replaces it with a heart of flesh.

He doesn’t ever stop working on us. As long as we are alive, He is not finished with us yet. As Christians we struggle every day against temptations and sins and often it’s an epic fail. The old, worldly nature of sin and darkness is ever at war with our new self. So God continues to work in our imperfect hearts. He never gives up. He will continue growing us and shaping us until the “day of Christ Jesus.” So from the moment that you accept Christ as your Savior until the day you see Jesus face to face, God is at work in you. And you can have confidence that He will complete what He started!

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