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Jeremiah 32:17

Jeremiah 32 17

Jesus performed many miracles during his time on earth. He healed the sick, raised the dead, made the blind see and the deaf hear. He filled boats full of fish to the point of almost sinking. He walked on water, calmed an angry sea with just a word. He turned water to wine. On one occasion He told a disciple to catch a fish and open it’s mouth and he would find a coin in it for which he could pay the required taxes. And that doesn’t even begin to list all the miraculous works of God throughout the Bible. If with just a spoken work God can create the heavens and earth, why is it that we do not trust him to do our “impossibles” for us.  Is it that we think our “impossible” is too hard for God or that maybe God has so many “impossibles” going on that ours isn’t important enough to Him? Or maybe we think our “impossible” that was a surprise to us is also a surprise for God. Our all-knowing God is never surprised and he cares about every intricate detail of our lives. He has a perfect plan with our best interest in mind. We can know and trust that He is at work…even if we don’t see it. The way He works it out may not be exactly what we had in mind…but it is the most perfect way. Trust Him with your “impossible”…because there is nothing to hard for Him.


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