Jeremiah 33 3 HCSB

Do you ever wonder if God hears your prayers? Not only does he hear them, but He invites us to call out to Him. He is sitting there just waiting to speak with you today. Longing to hear from you. And when you call out to Him, He will answer, but not with just a simple yes, no, or maybe…. God wants to tell you great and incomprehensible things. How exciting would our prayer lives be if we sat in silence, listening to God telling us great and incomprehensible things…things we don’t know? What dream would He plant in our heart? How might He call us to serve Him? What new and fresh Word might we get out of the Bible if we sat still long enough to hear Him speak? How might the Holy Spirit direct us to intercede and pray for someone God lays on our heart? What work might God do in your life that would allow you to let go of anger and bitterness and give you the grace to forgive that person that hurt you? Call out Him…He will answer and sit expectantly waiting for Him to show Himself to you.

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