March 20 Joshua 1 8 NKJV

It’s really difficult to know the way that God expects us to live if we are not reading the instructions He left for us. We can go to church every Sunday and listen to the sermon. We can be part of a small group too. But we also need to be reading the Bible everyday for ourselves. We need to hide in our heart and meditate on it day and night. As we do, we need to consider what the Holy Spirit might be revealing to us through the Word. When we are wanting directions for life and we are considering the options, it’s important to remember that God would never lead us in a direction that goes against His Word. But how can you know if the path you are considering aligns with His Word, if you are not reading His Word?

God told Joshua that the Book of the Law should not depart from Joshua’s mouth. He was to study it and learn it so that it became a way of life for him and he was to fully obey it. If you want God’s Word to be a way of life, it isn’t enough to just read it every day. We need to study it. Pray over it. Memorize it. Hide it in our heart. And apply it to our life. God doesn’t just expect us to read it. He expects us to observe and do what it says. The reason God had the various authors write these books of the Bible is so that we would know and understand the way God expects us to live. Just as a parent sets rules for the child he or she loves and wants to protect, God’s rules are designed out of His love for us and His desire to protect us. When we live according to His Word we can then experience peace and joy and fellowship with Him.

If you are not already reading your Bible everyday, join us in our One Year Bible Challenge. Each day we post an Old Testament passage and a New Testament passage to ready and meditate on so that in one year you will have read the entire Bible from cover to cover.

Father, thank you for giving us Your Word – the light for our path. Help us to hide it in our hearts and meditate on it. Speak to us and reveal to us what You want to say to us through Your Word. Just as you were with Joshua and enabled him to read and observe Your Word, help us be obey what you reveal to us.

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