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We are calling God’s people all over America to unite together for two days to bring revival to our nation. On this page you will find all the information you need about becoming a premier host site.

Questions for premier host site

What is a premier host site?

A premier host site is a church, ministry organization, or other location who agrees to publicize, promote, and air the live simulcast revival at their location. Host sites access the event through a secure login and air the revival live directly from the main site. As a result, God’s people in all 50 states, from sea to shining sea, will unite together at the same time for a nationwide revival. If you are a pastor or ministry leader with a heart that is burdened for the state of our nation and long to see God send us a revival, sign up to be a premier host site today. Join your part of America in participating in these 2 days of seeking the presence of God in our nation.

Questions for premier host site

What does a premier host site have to do?

  • Have necessary equipment needed to air the live broadcast. Additionally, manpower and internet speed is needed.
  • Print flyers. Promote and advertise the event in your area.
  • Prepare/serve lunch and dinner for the two days (Other options: provide a list of near by restaurants or organize several food trucks for meals). Additionally, serve two simple snacks each day.
  • Set up a “resource room” and sell items from the speakers or provide an order form for attendees to order these items. (Host sites purchase these items up front and then sell them to recoup their costs.)
  • Organize a prayer team that prays throughout the event. Additionally the prayer team begins praying for this event on May 1st and continues through the end of the event.
  • Secure a volunteer crew responsible for directing people where to go, serving meals, snacks, etc.
  • Secure a clean up crew to ensure bathrooms are well stocked and clean. Additionally, this crew cleans the sanctuary or meeting space at the end of each night.
  • Participate in the 20 weeks of Revival prep that begins with kick-off Sunday, May 31st. Also includes printing and distributing the 20 weeks of prayer guide to prep our hearts prior to the 2 day event.
  • Have a team ready and trained to pray with attendees, lead them to Christ, or counsel with them.
  • Download and print the “Attendee Card” and distribute each day.
  • The event coordinator at each host site will participate in a host site online training about 1 month prior to the event.
  • Distribute order forms for attendees to purchase recorded sessions of the event and submit the orders to Wellspring for distribution.

Optional Items to Consider

  • Have a camera crew to “interview” attendees about their experience at the event and email short video clips to our media crew. Selected clips will be shown nationwide. (All submitted clips will require our our media release of information if you wish for your submitted clip to be aired. Submit the form along with the clip.)
  • Secure an additional photographer (or a church member good with a camera) take still shots and email them to our media crew. Selected photos will be shown throughout the event. (Send our media release of information if faces are shown.)
  • Purchase the Revival Journal for each of your attendees. Pre-sell these to your church members and order as a bundle. However, also order extra to ensure your guest attendees are able to purchase a journal on site.
  • About 1 week prior to the event hold a training for all your volunteers on safety issues. Also consider your local sheriff’s office to provide the training.
  • Secure volunteer or paid off-duty police to be present for security purposes, help direct traffic, etc.
  • Provide nursery services and/or child care for children under the age of 6 on Friday and under the age of 10 on Saturday.
  • Invite local businesses to advertise to help your cover your expenses or enable you to provide free meals or free Revival Journals or free child care.
  • Take up an offering each day to help cover your expenses associated with this event. Your church keeps every penny you collect.
  • Have an overflow area with a second screen in case you get more people than your sanctuary or meeting space holds.
  • Offer a continental breakfast of pastries, yogurt and granola, fruit
Questions for premier host site

What churches can participate as a premier host site?

Any evangelical church of any size who has a burden to see God revive our nation can participate. We have four tiers for the simulcast fee based on church size:

  • Small church (100 or less active members) $100
  • Medium church (100-1000 active members) $250
  • Large churches (1000-3000 active members) $500
  • Mega churches (Over 3000 active members) $750

If you are able, please consider an extra $100 and scholarship a small church.

Questions about tickets

Do we have to sell tickets for this event?

No. There are no ticket sells for this event. However, you may choose to sell meal tickets if your are preparing meals on site but you will do that individually. Wellspring will not sell tickets for you. We recommend that you do not charge more than $5 per meal. Keep it simple, such as a taco bar for lunch or spaghetti for dinner.

Questions for individuals

What if there is not a host site in my area?

Individual sells to tune in to the live simulcast via a home computer open on April 1st. The individual simulcast fee is $50 per computer for both days or $35 per computer for a single day. Individuals will also receive the free downloadable 20 week prayer guide and a Free Revival Journal. However, we recommend that you participate at a premier host site and worship with other believers throughout the two days.

Register your church to be a premier host site beginning February 3, 2020

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