Event Schedule for Simulcast Revival

The event schedule is packed with 20 speakers with messages to lead God’s people to confront their sin, seek God, and petition Him to heal our land. We begin with a study of the sin of Israel that sent them into captivity. Then we examine the state of America today, comparing our world to that of Israel in the Old Testament. We then ask, “Who are God’s People?” and breakdown 2 Chronicles 7:14. In day two, we examine idols and seek to return to our first Love and live out our faith in obedience. We will also examine what “One nation, under God” really means and what our forefathers envisioned for America.

Each session is designed to bring the Holy Spirit back into our lives, churches, and nation. If we allow Him to speak to us and follow in surrender and obedience, then our hearts will be in a position to petition Him to heal our land.

Following each session, Christians will have a time to write down what God is revealing to them. You will also be invited to write down your personal response to what God is saying to you.

Praise and Worship:

Praise and worship times throughout the event will consist of music, videos, and dramatic presentations to help prepare our hearts for the Holy Spirit to speak to us.

Petitioning God to Heal our Land:

At the end of the event, we will join together in prayer, asking God to send a revival and heal our land. Matthew 18:20 tells us that where two or more are gathered together, God is in the midst. For the ending moments, we will join unified hearts to petition God to bring America back to His standards.


Host sites will either offer lunch and dinner for a price per person, or will provide a list of restaurants near their location. You can also bring a lunch and the host site will provide space for you to eat. Host sites will offer free snacks in the morning and afternoon breaks. Find out more information about lunch and dinner by search for the site location near you.

View the event schedule below or download the pdf version to print for your attendees.

We will update this schedule as we confirm speakers and worship leaders. Please do not print large quantities before the final edition is posted.

Event Schedule:

Event Schedule

For a pdf, printable version, please download by clicking below.

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