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Luke 20:41-44. Son of David

April 26 Luke 20 41-44 NKJV

The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were constantly trying to trap Jesus in an effort to discredit Him and His teachings. They would pose difficult theological questions to which they hoped He would not either not be able to answer or that He would commit blasphemy with His answer and the people would no longer follow Him. Just prior to Luke 20:41-44, the Sadducees were asking Him about marriage in the afterlife. First, you need to understand that the Sadducees didn’t believe in the resurrection from the dead because they did not see it in what was their “Bible” of that day, which they called the Torah and consisted of Genesis through Deuteronomy. Based on Deuteronomy 25:5, they believed in the law of levirate marriage which said that if a husband died and left no offspring, his brother would marry his wife and give her child in his name. So the Sadducees posed a question that if there were seven brothers and they all married the same woman (based on this levirate marriage law), then whose wife would she be in the resurrection? Jesus answered their question, saying that those who attain the resurrection from the dead are not given in marriage, nor do they die anymore. They also are equal to angels and are sons of God. The Sadducees mistakenly assumed that life after the resurrection of the body would include the same basic structures as earthly life. After this encounter, they stopped baiting Jesus into a theological duel, because they only ended up looking foolish to the people rather than discrediting Jesus. But then, Jesus turns around and posed His own difficult theological question: How could the Messiah be both the son of David and David’s divine Lord? The Bible does not provide an answer from the religious leaders and Jesus left the question open. The only possible answer is that Jesus, the Messiah, was both fully God, making Him Lord, and fully human, a descendent or son of David. For the religious leaders to provide this answer would mean that they woud have to acknowledge that Jesus is who He said He is – the Messiah.

How could the Messiah be both the son of David and David’s divine Lord? The only possible answer is that Jesus, was both fully God, making Him Lord, and fully human, a descendant or son of David. –click to tweet

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