March 15 Mark 15 25-26When a person was executed by Roman crucifixion, the crime the person was guilty of was written on placard and hung around the person’s neck and then nailed on the cross above their head. Jesus, the sinless and guiltless Son of God, was accused of being who He actually was. In the eyes of the people, Jesus was guilty of high treason, since he claimed to be the King of the Jews. Ironically, he was guilty of being exactly who He was.

Not only is Jesus King of the Jews, but as Christians, Jesus should also be King of our hearts. The question we need to each ask ourselves is do we allow Him to be our King? Do we humbly submit and yield our allegiance to Him in every area of our lives. Is He King over your lips so that the words you say honor Him – or do they curse Him? Is He King over your wallet so that how you spend your money honors Him? Is He King over your eyes so that what you view on TV and on the internet honor Him? Is He King over your hands so that what you do with them honor Him? Is He King over your feet so that they take you where God leads you? Is He King in your marriage? Is He King in how you parent your children? Is He King in you home? Is He King at your job?

Consider the areas of your live where you have not allowed Jesus to be King and humbly yield those areas to Him today.

Jesus, thank your enduring the cross because of Your great love for us. We don’t want You to be King in some areas, but desire that You be King in every area of our lives. Help us to humble ourselves and yield every part of our lives to you and allow you be King as we submit to Your will.

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