Mark 7:6 – Can You Honor God with Your Lips but Still Have A Heart Far from God?

Feb 27 Mark 7 6 NKJV

I love the praise and worship songs Pastor Jonathan leads us in every Sunday. The lyrics as I sing along praise and magnify Jesus. Yet, if in my heart I’m angry, have unresolved conflict with another person, or have unconfessed sin that I hang on to, then I can sing the great praise words all day and still have a heart far from God. Or we could sing along, but not have yet accepted Christ as Savior, like the religious leaders in Jesus’ day. They practiced all the rituals, memorized the scripture,  and led pious lives but denied Jesus as the Messiah even though He stood right in front of them. Jesus called them hypocrites.

Anytime worship is merely outward and not from the heart, than it is nothing more than a hypocritical worship. True purity and worship is a matter of inward love and a right attitude, not just outward actions and religious rituals. You can do all the right “things” and still not do them for the right reasons. True worship is always accompanied by a lifestyle of a true heart commitment to God.

If our heart is right than our words will follow and they will honor God. What words are said in rush hour traffic with the “road bully” that cuts you off? What words are said in an argument with your spouse. What words do you use when you talk about your spouse to others? Do you participate in the office gossip? Do you use cuss words?

When we make God Lord of our life, then we make Him Lord over all parts of us – whether that’s our lips and the words we say, our eyes and what we choose to view on the internet or TV, our ears in what we listen to, our feet in where we go, our minds and the thoughts we dwell on, or our hands in the actions they do. You can’t have God Lord of your life in the great praise and worship time on Sunday mornings and not Lord the rest of the week. Otherwise, we are just like the hypocritical religious leaders of Jesus’ day.

Lord, may our lips honor you from a heart of true worship. May they sing your praise and tell of your great love and grace with hearts that honor you. “Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.” (Psalm 19:14)


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