Jan 19 Matthew 15 8A children’s Sunday school teacher was teaching a group of four- and five-year-old children about the building of the temple. She explained to the students that when the temple was finished, the presence of the Lord filled the temple. Instantly the eyes of the each child got wide and full of excitement. She soon realized, however, that the source of their excitement was not joy that God had come to dwell in the temple, but rather, delight at imagining that huge building filled with presents from God!

Are we not much like that group of children when we come to worship on Sunday? We are easily more excited about our presents from God than being in the presence of God. We get hung up on whether the style of service is a good fit or if the pastor’s message was entertaining enough to keep us awake. We make worship about the external atmosphere rather than a heart that is eager to spend time in the presence of God, hungry for a Word from Him. When we don’t feel like worship has occurred we blame the pastoral staff rather than admitting that our heart was not bowed in worship. Worship does not depend on the right music are a gifted pastor. Worship is a heart matter and can occur regardless of the circumstantial atmosphere around us.



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