Jan 25 Matthew 18 20 KJVA little boy was working hard on a drawing and his daddy asked him what he was doing. The boy replied, “Drawing a picture of God.” His daddy said, “You can’t do that, honey. Nobody knows what God looks like.” But the little boy was undeterred and continued to draw, looked at his picture with satisfaction and said very matter-of-factly, “They will in a few minutes.”

A Reverspective artwork such as the one on the left by Patrick Hughes, is an optical illusion on a 3-dimensional surface where the parts of the picture which seem farthest away are actually physically the nearest.

We all go through times of life when it feels that God is distant or that it feels as if He has forgotten us. However, just like the reverspective artwork, the times He seems the furthest away are the times He is actually drawing the closest. Instead of allowing the spiritual illusion of reverspectiveness to blind you to God’s presence, look closer. He’s right there with you. And when we gather together with other Christians and seek God’s leadership about our needs and concerns, God is in the middle. Listening. Hearing our prayers. And working all things out for our good – even if we can’t see it right now. But we can be assured that like the little boy working undeterred on his drawing of God, God is just as undeterred in working out his best plan and purpose for us and before long, you and everyone else will see His masterpiece.



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