Jan 31 Matthew 21 42 NKJV

A long time member of a congregation scolded the new pastor for his radical new ideas and changes: “Reverend, if God were alive today, He would be shocked at the changes in this church!”

Well, God is alive! However, “changes in the church” is nothing new. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day had changed God’s design, instituting so many legalistic rules that they would have been impossible to keep. Even knowing the Scriptures inside and out, they couldn’t even recognize the Messiah as He stood there speaking to them. They chose to reject Him because He didn’t fit into their mold of what they thought the Messiah would be. As a metaphor, Jesus pointed out that the very stone that the master builders deemed as “unusable” would become the most important stone of the entire structure. The Jewish leader may have tried to change up God’s blueprint, but God would still carry out His master plan — the resurrection of Jesus and the building of the church.

There are many different ways to worship God. We can worship through song, praise, prayer, tithing, serving, and witnessing. King David even danced before the Lord. One person may lift their hands toward heaven while another sits in quiet reverence with a bowed head. The point of worship is not the how but the heart. Worship occurs when there has been an encounter with the Living God and we come away a changed person because of that encounter and God receives the praise for it. We need to be careful of how we label worship and make sure that we are not like the Jewish religious leaders who were so caught up in pious legalities that they didn’t even recognize the Son of God standing in front of them. Let’s not judge others for how they worship, because then we take our eyes of God and we cease to worship Him ourselves.

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