Matthew 26:41. Overcoming Temptation

Feb 11 Matthew 26 41 KJV

All you need to grow fine, vigorous grass is a crack in your sidewalk. Sin happens the same way. All you  need to find yourself in a fine, vigorous sin is a crack in your prayer life. Jesus taught his disciples to watch and pray. He knew that His followers were willing to obey His teachings, but that our flesh is weak. Our strength to experience victory over temptation is through prayer.

A young, eager salesman was delivering a bid to an engineering firm. The man he was meeting with stepped away from his desk for a few moments and he noticed on the desk was the proposal from a competitor. He was unable to see the total amount of the bid due to a juice can that sat on top of the amount. The temptation was too much for him to resist and as he lifted the can to reveal the amount, thousands of BBs poured from the bottomless can.

Temptation is the doorway that leads to sin and often when we open the door, we end up involved in many sins. For example, when we tell a lie, we often find we end up telling another lie to cover up the first lie until we end up weaving a web of lies that we can’t remember what we told to whom.

When temptation comes knocking, kneel in prayer. Quotes the promises from the Bible. Then turn and walk away from the temptation. The guilt that sin leaves behind is neve worth the temporary pleasure found in the sin.

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