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Philippians 2:9-11

philippians 2 9-11

Jesus. Just saying His name fills my soul with peace, casts out fear, replaces weakness with strength. Jesus. He fills all the lonely crevices, heals sickness, and heals broken relationships. Jesus. He brings salvation…casting out death, sin, and the grave. Jesus. His name washes over my heart and fills me with His presence. Jesus. His name fills my every longing and statifies my every need. Jesus. His name comforts, guards, guides, and protects. Jesus. He calms every storm. Jesus. He lights my paths and leads me into the way of everlasting. Jesus. He is holy, righteous. Jesus. He is my Redeemer, my Savior. Jesus. He listens when no one else does. Jesus. He hears every tear that falls. Jesus. He has the power to break every chain. Jesus. Death couldn’t keep Him. The grave couldn’t hold Him. Jesus. He knows my every fault and failure…but loves me anyway. Jesus. What a beautiful name it is….the name of Jesus Christ my King. Nothing compares. Call out His name right now.

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