Praying for Revival

A daily verse about the state of our nation and time for Christians reflect and unite in prayer, asking God to send a revival across our land and turn our nation back to Him.

Do we need a revival?

The Result of Sin

In Isaiah 24, the prophet says the Earth is polluted by its very own people. This is much more than not recycling or harming the ozone layer. It is polluted because of the sin of the people. It is defiled by its inhabitants because they refuse to obey God’s laws and violate His commands. When Adam sinned, the ground was cursed. Because of our sin, the earth has been turned upside down and totally different from God’s original creation.

The result is that we live in a world of disappointment, tears, and full of trouble. God’s curse brings all kinds of calamities upon the earth, from earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and pandemics. God’s judgment on sin has made the earth desolate.

From The Message Bible:

Earth is polluted by its very own people, who have broken its laws, Disrupted its order, violated the sacred and eternal covenant. Therefore a curse, like a cancer, ravages the earth. Its people pay the price of their sacrilege. They dwindle away, dying out one by one.” — Isaiah 13:9 (MSG)

The Need for Revival

  1. We need to mourn and repent of sin.
  2. In your lifetime, in what ways have your seen the results of sin on our world?
  3. How would a revival across our world impact the current course for our world?

Praying for Revival

Father, we acknowledge that our sin has polluted the world you created. We’ve seen your judgement on sin through natural disasters of all kinds and a pandemic that rages still. Father, we fall our our knees before you with repentant hearts. Forgive us of our sin. Give us hearts to seek your face and to pursue righteousness. Give us wisdom and strength to flee evil. God, we ask that you fill us with the Holy Spirit so that the light of Christ shines throughout the world. Give us a zeal and passion to truly know you and experience you in an intimate relationship. God, send a revival in our nation and in our world.

Lord, send a revival and let it begin in me.

All things are possible

All things are possible – you just gotta have faith!

Names of God

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