by Julie Bruce

Psalm 1 2

Do you take delight in the Lord’s instruction? Honestly, sometimes, it’s more like cringing as the Holy Spirit convicts and works in my life. But even still, it is a delight to meditate or think on His Word as I go throughout the day. Meditating on His Word allows us to soak it up and hide it in our hearts so that as we go throughout life, the Holy Spirit will bring back to mind just the scripture we need in each moment of life. Sometimes it will be uplifting and encouraging. Sometimes it will give us the strength to take another step. Sometimes it pricks and corrects. Sometimes it give guidance and wisdom. God waits to spend time with us through the pages of His Word. So go ahead and take delight in reading the Word. Don’t make it a check-off on a to-do list. Every time you pick up your Bible, it should be like picking up a love letter from someone close to you. There should be excitement and joy as you wait and anticipate what your Heavenly Father will say to you today. Go ahead and comment with the scripture you are meditating on today. If life got busy for you today, meditate on Psalm 1:2 and let the Holy Spirit speak to you through this verse.

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