BIBLE TRIVIA: As a new creation in Christ, what are we to “put off”?Continue Reading

James wrote: “For where envy and selfish ambition exist, there is disorder and every kind of evil.” (James 3:16) Envy, pride, anger, bitterness, jealously, selfishness, dishonesty…they all have something in common. They are home-wreckers. The more internal divisions and strife there is in a home, the quicker and harder theContinue Reading

The quote above is from Part 2 of a blog series on Self-Care for people in ministry. Read the rest of the blog here.  Continue Reading

Contempt is a combination of disgust and anger. It indicates you feel a person is beneath you and is an arrogant disregard for another person. Eye-rolling and sarcastic tones are not only indicators that contempt is present; they are conversation killers, relationship killers, trust killers, and love destroyers. When thereContinue Reading

Resentment is not Biblical, nor is it good for your marriage. Instead, be honest with your feelings. Resentment occurs when we feel like we have been treated unfairly and it leads to bitterness. The longer we hold on to it, the more it festers and creates a bigger and biggerContinue Reading