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1 Samuel 17:26 – The Goliaths we Face

April 15 1 Samuel 17 26 KJV

All of us face a Goliath at some point in our lives – a giant sized problem that is overwhelming and beyond our capabilities to fight. What do we do? Do we worry, become angry, and bitter? If so, this demonstrates a lack of trust in God. The Israelite army was so intimidated by Goliath that you could have probably heard their armor pieces clanking together as they quivered in their boots. King Saul even offered his daughter in marriage and riches galore to anyone who could kill Goliath. According to the Bible, Goliath was 9 feet, 9 inches tall. Just his armor alone weight 125 pounds. The iron point of his spear weighed 15 pounds and he had someone that walked before him, carrying a shield. Goliath taunted the Israelites to the point that they lost courage and were terrified.

It was not a seasoned soldier that stood up to Goliath. It was a small shepherd boy, named David who showed an unwavering faith in God. What was the difference between David and the Israelite army? The Israelite army only saw the power and strength of Goliath – David only saw the power and strength of God. To David, God’s honor was at stake and he was willing to stand up for God.

The Israelite army only saw the power and strength of Goliath – David only saw the power and strength of God. — Click to tweet

When we take our eyes of God and begin to focus on the giant in our lives, we become terrified, just like the Israelite army. We begin to doubt if God will come through and defeat the giant for us. We begin to wonder if God is listening to our prayers.

Dear fellow Christian soldier, renew your faith! Turn your eyes to focus on God, because with God, anything is possible – even killing a giant with one small stone and sling. Keep your faith and focus on God – not on the giant. Allow God to have the glory over your giant. Go ahead and cast all your cares on Him – and leave them there – because God cares about you and every little (or big) detail of your life. (1 Peter 5:7)

God, thank you that you care about everything we face in life. Help us to always keep our faith in You, casting our cares on You, and allow You to receive all honor and glory in every way that You work in our lives. Help us to see the giants through eyes of faith and not eyes of fear. Help us to only see Your power and strength. 

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