“Think for a moment about a grave site. It’s well groomed and cared for on the surface without any trace of the decay that lies beneath. Likewise, on the outside of God’s temple – our bodies – we groom the outside and put on a smile we really don’t feel in our heart and go out and face yet another day of ministry – all while we leave the Holy Spirit to indwell bodies that are overweight, stressed out, and burned out.” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

Self-care is not wasteful spending on expensive bath products, luscious chocolates, high-end name brand clothing, and high-thread-count sheets. Continue Reading

When burned out servants of God walk away from their calling, how many people may end up dying lost and without Jesus because the sermon that wasn’t preached or the conference session that wasn’t given, or the book wasn’t written, or the Sunday school class wasn’t taught that would
have been the moment that person said yes to Jesus?Continue Reading

The people God has called and set apart to serve Him are getting burned out or they experience compassion fatigue and they have nothing left to give—so they give up and walk away from the calling God has given them.Continue Reading

People who are burned out lose the ability to empathy but those with compassion fatigue still have a desire to help.Continue Reading