God wants you to go in the strength you have knowing He will give you exactly what you need for each moment. Just as God asked Gideon, so He is asking you: “Am I not sending you?”Continue Reading

Accepting it by faith leads to eternal life in heaven with Christ. Rejecting it leads to the justice we deserve – eternal separation from God in hell. Which will you choose?Continue Reading

Do you ever feel like your prayers are not being heard by God? Do you cry out in total desperation and feel like He’s no where near? Especially now with COVID19 a worldwide pandemic, we want to know if God hears us when we pray. Continue Reading

“When we practice physical self-care, we take care of the home of the Holy Spirit, so physical self care should be a priority in our lives.” –Julia BruceContinue Reading

On April 2, 2020, The Washington Post reported that 10 million unemployment claims have been filed in the US due to COVID-19. Even with a stimulus check on the way, there are going to be many people trying to make ends meet.Continue Reading