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Self-Care in the Ministry

Quotes from the Self Care Blog Series

“What excuses have you been making regarding physical self-care? Where in your list of priorities have you ranked physical self-care?” — Julia Bruce

Scripture of the Day

Luke 20:41-44. Son of David or Son of God?

The Bible leaves no room to wonder if Jesus is the fulfillment of the 2 Samuel promise to David. Because Jesus was a born from the lineage of David, He was by earthly standards the “Son of David.” But the only way possible for David to call Jesus “Lord” when Jesus would not be born for another 42 generations later is that Jesus also has to be the eternal Son of God – the Messiah the Jews had been waiting on from the time of Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden of Eden.

Teespring & Spreadshirt Store

Featured Item of the Day

God is our shield and the one who lifts our head when we are in overwhelming circumstances. Whatever you face today, this shirt reminds you that we have a shield and no matter how far we fall, He stand ready to life us back up – not in shame, but with head held high because our significance and honor is linked to our relationship with God.

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