If we are busy dwelling on the list found in this verse, we probably would not have much time to dwell on things we shouldn’t. On paper, list each of the things that Paul says we are to dwell on. Next, beside each one, write an example of something thatContinue Reading

History has much to teach us, and the history of a city can be fascinating. Explore the area, purchase a souvenir, eat at a restaurant in the historic area. Enjoy a slow paced day, holding hands, and just being together. For ask the previous generation, and pay attention to whatContinue Reading

Almost all old historic districts have some kind of ghost tour. If you don’t take them too seriously, they can be fun. The idea of ghosts has been around a long time. When Jesus came walking on water to the disciples in a storm, the disciples at first thought theyContinue Reading

Whenever we speak in haste without taking time to control what we say, we often end up saying things we regret. Pride, dishonesty, envy, gossip, and anger can all cause us to speak in haste. We don’t take the time to consider the impact our words have on others. It’sContinue Reading

Fear can destroy love and marriages. Satan is at the root of all fear, but we experience fear from many facets of life including past hurts, disappointments, unknowns, illnesses, finances, job loss and more. Fear is something that feeds, breeds, and spreads. The good news is that faith and loveContinue Reading