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Mark 5:19 – When God Does Great Things

Feb 23 Mark 5 19 kjv

Jesus had just healed a demon possessed man. Not just any demon possess man – a man who had a whole legion of demons. Just to put that into perspective, a Roman military legion consisted of about 6,000 soldiers! Because of the many demons, the man had unnatural strength. In verse 3 it says that he could not be bound, not even with chains. So imagine, this man’s gratitude to be free from such a life! As a result the man begged Jesus to let him go with Him. Jesus’ answer might stun us as first. The Bible says that Jesus did not permit the man to go. It wasn’t because the man wasn’t good enough to follow Jesus. It wasn’t because the man would be an embarrassment to Jesus after having so many demons. No. Jesus had a different task for the man. He told the man to go home and tell everyone what a great thing God had done for him and to tell them about God’s compassion on him.

It would be great if we could all follow Jesus. To continually be in His presence. To be there for every miracle and watch Him touch and change lives everywhere He went. But if we all stayed with Jesus, who would tell the rest of the world about how much He loves them? The man could have been disappointed – and he probably was. But he doesn’t walk away with his head down, depressed or rejected. He doesn’t have a pity party and convince himself that he wasn’t wanted or that he wasn’t good enough to follow Jesus. He does exactly what Jesus asked him to do – and then some. Jesus asked him to go home and tell. The Bible tells us in verse 20 that the man departed and began to proclaim in Decapolis all that Jesus had done for him. Decapolis consisted of ten Greek cities scattered south and east of the Sea of Galilee. He became a missionary. The Bible doesn’t give us a head count of how many souls will be in heaven because of his story – it simply says that they all marveled. This was a man they knew. A man who they probably laughed about, made fun of. A kind of man the children would have told scary stories to younger siblings. Yet now they see him in his “right mind.” Coherent. Able to live a normal life. Yes, he made an impact on the people who knew him simply by telling his story and how God had had compassion on him.

What great things has God done for you? Are you keeping it to yourself or maybe just telling those who are closest to you? Jesus wants you to proclaim to everyone the great and wonderful things He has done for you. He also wants you to tell the about the compassion He had for you as he died for you. Go and proclaim giving Him the glory He deserves.


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