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Genesis 4:6-7

genesis 4 6-7 corrected

Cain knew what a proper sacrifice was. He brought God fruit that he had grown. However, his brother, Abel, brought the first of his flock. Abel brought and offered to God the best he had. Cain, on the other hand, just gathered up some fruit and laid it on the altar. His attitude was wrong. His heart was not right. His offering was not in faith. Cain wanted to make the rules rather than follow God’s rules. He offered the sacrifice, but he offered it his way – not God’s.

Cain also was unrepentant. He was defiant and had no plans to change his ways. God provided a way out but Cain, in his pride and stubbornness, allowed sin to rule over him. For Cain, his sin led to another sin – the murder of his brother. Even then, when confronted by God, Cain was flippant and defiant saying, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” There was still no repentance. No crying out to God and asking for forgiveness.

Like Cain, we are responsible for our response to our sin. We can either run into His open arms of forgiveness with a repentant heart or we can remain defiant – separated from His grace and mercy. It’s always best to seek out forgiveness quickly before one sin leads to another.


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