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Proverbs 31:27

by Julie Bruce

Proverbs 31 27

Have you ever considered the way a woman watches over her home as honoring God? The “capable wife” in Proverbs 31:10-31 does just that. When you read these verses you will find that she is praised for her attentiveness in every aspect of running her home — from taking care of her husband and children, to seeing to the needs of her servants and the poor that she comes in contact with. She gets up early and stays up late. We see her plant a vineyard, make her own clothing as well as her family’s. She makes the tapestries and bedding for her home. If you stopped by her house for an unexpected afternoon visit, you’d find her home neat and tidy. The unexpected visit would not stress her out at all. This woman understands that God has called her to care for her home and her family and she does it well. You would not find a sink full of dishes, piles of laundry, or unvaccumed floors.

Because she see taking care of her home as a calling from God, she is focused on that calling. She’s not a busybody or comparing her life to someone else’s. She’s not checking Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pintrest every five minutes. She’s not watching the soap operas or talk shows or game shows. Instead she watches over her own family and makes them her first priority. Her own home is where she cheerfully and loving serves, honors, and obeys God and does so by tending to the needs within her household. She makes sure that the way her home operates is healthy for her family, glorifies God, and demonstrations love and affection. She understands that what she models in her own life influences the entire household.

What influence are you leaving and what does your home say about you?

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