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Genesis 3:7

Genesis 3 7

Sin. A small three-lettered word that has eternal ramifications. God knew even before he created humans that they would sin.  He also knew that it would cost His only Son His life so that we could be reconciled and redeemed into a right relationship with Him.  Yet still, he created us with free-will. No one wants someone to love them because they were forced to or have no choice in the matter. That isn’t even love. God gifted us with freedom. Freedom to think. Freedom of conscience. And even freedom to disobey His commands. The choice is ours.

Sin always begins in the mind where imagination and feelings make it seem pleasing for the moment. Eve’s first mistake was standing around having a conversation with the serpent. In Genesis 3:6, Eve saw that the tree was good for food and that it was pleasant to the eyes. Satan tempted her further and told her it would make her wise…and it did. Wise to guilt, shame, and nakedness. Down through the ages every temptation and every sin works the same way. There is an attraction to it, followed by a conflict of the mind where a decision is made. The decision to give in to the sin or to turn away and choose obedience to God. The end result of sin is that it always leaves us exposed. Exposed to suffering and sorrow, guilt and shame. Exposed to the consequences that follow. Exposed to broken relationship with others and with God.

When temptation comes calling, don’t stand around having a conversation with it. Start quoting scripture and turn away from it. Obedience to God is always best.


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