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2 Chronicles 20:12

2 Chronicles 20 12

We all have those moment where we just absolutely don’t know what we should do. A job decision, whom to marry, a wayward child, what school to send our kids to, how to get all the bills paid (again!), a home or car repair, how to keep going when someone close to us dies, how to give up a bad habit, a marriage falling apart, an unrealistic deadline, a health crisis…we’ve all been there in one way or another. But when we keep our eyes on God, we can have a different focus. I’m reminded of when Peter walked on water. As soon as he took his eyes off Jesus, he began to focus on the waves crashing all around him and he became scared and started sinking. Peter, though, was smarter than many of us. He immediately cried out, “Lord, save me!” (Matthew 14:20) and Jesus was instantly there, reached out His hand and caught Peter. What do you tend to do when you don’t know what to do? Do you focus on the waves or keep you eyes on God? If you start to sink, refocus and cry out like Peter. Jesus will be there to catch you too.