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Ezekiel 16:44

by Julie Bruce

Ezekiel 16 44

As a mother of a daughter, I’ve heard the saying “like mother, like daughter” more than once. Especially since my daughter is a mini-me. I’ve lost count of the times people tell me she looks like me. When she was little, my dad often said it. I denied it. His solution was to take one of my daughter’s pictures and one of my pictures at the same age and put them side by side. He scanned them together and emailed them to me. Yes…we look exactly alike. Our hair was even combed the same way! The only way you could tell they were not the same child is by the very outdated (but pretty) light green dress I wore in my photo. She enjoys telling people she is a mini-me. Looking like me is one thing. But what if she acted like me, made the same mistakes as me? If you are a mother of a daughter, you probably cringe at the thought, just as I do. Did you know this “saying” is actually scripture? Ezekiel says that it is a proverb that will be used against us. In today’s words, we might say it will come back to bite us. As we grow, mature, and become more spiritually mature, we might look back at the mistakes we made and the bad choices and fear our daughters will be just like us. As my daughter has grown into young adulthood, I tell her ” be smarter than mom. Learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to learn the hard way.” Mostly, I pray over her everyday. Her grandmother prays over her every day. Regardless of your past mistakes, you too can pray over your daughters. You can also model Godly behavior. Be the person you want your daughter to be. Use the words you expect her to use. Dress like you want her to dress. Teach her Godly morals and values by living out Godly morals and values. Teach her how to be a wife and mother by the way you live out being a wife and mother. Children learn from how they see us behave. If you want church to be important to her, than make sure church is important to you. If you want her to have a relationship with Christ, then let her see you live out your relationship with Christ. If my daughter is going to be like me, then I want her to see her mother as a woman that honors God, follows Him faithfully, and loves Him beyond measure.

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