“Humans doing supernatural work is hard, difficult, tiring, overwhelming, frustrating, exhausting, confusing, and exasperating.” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

“We were made to do ministry through God’s strength and power. Why? Because ministry is the supernatural work of God working in us to accomplish His plans and we are human – not supernatural.” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

Today’s quote: “In the Old Testament, when people wanted to remember a place where they encountered God, they would set up a rock and build an altar so that every time they passed it they would remember God’s faithfulness to them.” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

Today’s quote: “Music can also be comforting in times of stress, sorrow, or difficulty. Through these songs, we are reminded of God’s promises and love for us.” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

Another way that caring for our spiritual self leads to better life comes from Christian music. As we connect with the lyrics and the Holy Spirit speaks to us through them, we find strength, comfort, and are reminded of God’s eternal love for us. Continue Reading