“Think for a moment about a grave site. It’s well groomed and cared for on the surface without any trace of the decay that lies beneath. Likewise, on the outside of God’s temple – our bodies – we groom the outside and put on a smile we really don’t feel in our heart and go out and face yet another day of ministry – all while we leave the Holy Spirit to indwell bodies that are overweight, stressed out, and burned out.” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

“Sadly, we can be guilty of taking better care of the physical building we call the church then our bodies that God calls His temple. Then we wonder why we’re too tired to minister to others or don’t have the strength to do the job anymore.” 
— Julia BruceContinue Reading

“When we are not taking care of the temple of God, then our temples are nothing more than what you’d find six-feet under the ground in a grave – a decaying body full of maggots. ”  — Julia BruceContinue Reading