“Instead of telling yourself ‘Exercise is hard and I don’t have time for it,’ try saying ‘Exercise will help me improve the Holy Spirit’s temple and give me better health. Let’s get started!'” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

“Even small changes in your physical self care can bring about significant improvements in your health, mood, and life. ” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

“What excuses have you been making regarding physical self-care? Where in your list of priorities have you ranked physical self-care?” — Julia BruceContinue Reading

“Take some time now alone with the Holy Spirit. Ask Him what the condition of His temple is in. Ask Him about your motivation or lack of motivation towards physical self-care is.”  — Julie BruceContinue Reading

“Our motivation for physical self-care should always only be about glorifying God and in doing so, we are at our possible best to serve Him in whatever capacity He calls us to.”  — Julie BruceContinue Reading