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Luke 16:24. Hell – It’s Real!

Hell is real. Not many people want to talk about it. It doesn’t make for a pleasant conversation. We’d rather talk about how nice heaven is and how “God is love.” And He is. And heaven is just as real as hell. … Continue readingLuke 16:24. Hell – It’s Real!


Quotes from the Self Care Blog Series

“What if when you get to heaven and discover God had much bigger plans for you but due to poor physical self-care, you didn’t have the stamina or you were battling a health crisis so God gave that assignment to someone else?” — Julie Bruce … Continue readingQuotes from the Self Care Blog Series

Matthew 19:16. Which Path Will You Choose?

After death there is only two destinations: Heaven or Hell. Heaven – the place of eternally worshiping and praising God where there is no sickness, death, or sorrow. Or Hell – being eternally separated from God where the fire is never quenched, the worm never dies, and there is weeping and gnashing of teeth in eternal torment. … Continue readingMatthew 19:16. Which Path Will You Choose?

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